Dog Abuse #5

VIckfight me vickvick_dog_t479

One of the most infamous cases of animal cruelty is the case of  Michael Vick who played for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. On April 25th, 2007 there was a search warrant on Vick’s cousin that was staying at one of his houses in Virginia, which they soon found signs of  dog fighting at a property Vick owned. When the investigations furthered, it attracted the media and soon after federal authorities  were brought in. While investigating, more information came to light about an interstate dog fighting rings that involved drugs and other illegal activities.When the media caught wind of the details of the torture and executions of the animals, animal rights activists like PETA and mostly everyone else were outraged. Vick and other law breakers of his were brought up on federal and state felony charges. During investigations, even more information came out and found that Vick was paying for  most of the fights and was involved in killing of dogs. Vick decided to do a plea bargain and admitted that he was involved in the fighting  and was involved in the hanging and drowning of the dogs. During trial, he was out on bail and when a random drug test happened, he failed it, he was positive for weed. he was sent back to the courts and the judge wanted to put Vick away. In the end Vick got little jail time for the heinous acts he committed against these creatures, and after that he was under house arrest.  I think Vick should  have gotten a harsher punishment. I think he should have got a year in jail for every dog he killed. I think the court should have made an example out of him, but they didn’t.  It shows that his money was the thing that saved him. It really shows how messed up the court system is when someone like Vick tortures and executes dogs only spent 2 years in prison, but if someone illegally downloads  media, they get five years.Maybe one the good things to come out if this is that he had huge public hate on him, everyone bashed him. A lot of celebrities called him out and also some clothing companies too, they made clothing bashing Vick. Later on, it came out that the dogs that were rescued from Vick, are already making a great comeback and are ready to be adopted. I hope to see these kind of crime punishments change in the future, I strongly urge everyone to be on the lookout for any signs of dog fighting rings or anything like that, to report it immediately. If we the people don’t take a stand on this,it will never get recognized  for how serious these crimes are. Dogs have feelings too, it shows how good dogs are because they can take a lot of abuse and still  forgive and forget and start over with a family that truly loves them.    <—– Michael Vick Case details


Dog Abuse #4

GSD mix beforeGSD mix after

Even though there are horrible things done to animals everyday they somehow find the strength to recover with the help of caring individuals whoever they are either workers at the shelter or people who choose to adopt them. In the case of a dog named Apollo, a German shepherd mix that the San Antonio animal shelter found, when they found him he was so terrified that he would not lift this head. After a long time of abuse, the shelter found him and a couple took a chance on him. When they got him he was really bad and had no trust , they soon started to gain the dogs trust and bring his confidence in people up. Soon Apollo made a full recovery and now is a healthy happy very playful dog that has a loving family. Apollo’s new owners shared the story with  the National Dog News Examiner.  They said,”That they would never know how  his life was before with his first owner and on the streets, but they do know that someone tried to tattoo his stomach.” What kind of sick bastard, does that to an innocent dog,especially a puppy. When they took him to the vet he had tested positive for distemper, which is a virus that affects the body. It causes  havoc on different systems of the body,presently there is no cure. The vet wanted Apollo to stay overnight and told them he would not be a good family dog,which I think is wrong. The couple didn’t care and decided to take Apollo home,because they knew he didn’t like cages and treated him themselves. They fixed him all up and helped the dog trough the illness, and now Apollo is a great family dog and the owners said that they just had a baby and Apollo already loves him. This story shows that dogs can be rehabilitated to be a great family dogs as long as someone takes the time to help and care for them. For my readers to know, I believe that everyone, if possible should adopt a dog because it  will impact the dog’s life greatly.I say that if anyone has any information on the abuse or neglect of an animal, you should report. I also urge everyone to donate to an animal shelter or agency to help an animal in need, every penny counts.

Dog Abuse #3

 neglected before and afterBefore-and-after-rescue-the-dog_white

  Besides dog fighting rings there are other kinds of cruelty that animals are put through. A lot of cruelty cases come from just having  bad owners, even though they do not fight these animals, they do abuse them a lot, for some mediocre problems. Some animals get beaten for digging up a yard or being at wrong place in the wrong  time. Some people just have their dogs for protection, they just tie them up in the yard and feed them when they have to, sometimes they may just feed them once, and don’t check their water. It may not seem as bad compared to the other things, but it’s still  bad for them. It is called neglect, when dogs are tied up all day by themselves or in a cage, they get desocialized and they get something called kennel rage. which Means they get aggressive towards people or animals they don’t know. That could be a problem, because how about one day that dog gets loose and bites a little kid. Then you have a lawsuit and either have to pay a fine or put the dog down. Usually when dogs are tied up or locked away they tend to be severely  malnourished and have health problems. Which if the ASPCA catches you, they will file a case on you and take the animals away. Don’t get me wrong, because you can have dogs in a kennel, if they have sufficient space to run around, and have shade, and have enough food or water. That is including giving them proper exercise daily. What I say to my readers is to try to be on the lookout and if you see a dog being neglected and malnourished, you should contact the proper authorities immediately,every second counts. If some of my readers notice that they have been neglecting their dogs, then I hope they see what they are doing is wrong and put a change to it. Even if you think that reporting a neglected animal wont help very much, it does very much so, because the proper authorities  can help the animal get a better home and will make sure the past owners of the pet deserve whats coming to them.

Dog abuse #2


pitbull rehab 2   rehab pitbull 1When  dogs are rescued from these dog fighting rings, Most have issues, whether they are anti social, scared, or just sometimes too aggressive. which they try to rehabilitate but sometimes it doesn’t work. That’s when you hear about cases where pit bulls get out and they maul an old lady. That is not their fault, it was how they were brought up since they were puppies. Then they end up getting put down for being too mean, and people start to fear them and don’t want to adopt any. That’s when they get that stigma. Even now I have an aunt that when asked by their children that they want a pit bull, she says no because they are too mean. How does she know that, she doesn’t even have a specific dog in mind, I don’t know how some people can say that for a whole breed. I can easily recount several times where I heard that someone doesn’t want a pit bull because sooner or later, they will attack. That is complete nonsense, no one can predict that a dog will attack, without being provoked. People are shaming a whole classification of dogs for the actions of  some dogs, that were bred to be fighters by people who wanted them that way. When the animal shelters bring dogs in they only have a certain amount of days that they keep them and they end up putting them down, to make more space. Also when they bring the dogs in from the fighting rings, a lot of them have really bad illnesses that sometimes are fatal. What I think should change is the stigma that people have about pit bulls because they are not bad, I suggest that if you are looking for a new pooch and are up to the task, you should adopt a pit bull. Notice I said, “adopt.” I suggest instead of buying a little puppy, you should adopt one from your local shelter, but hey I’m not going to force anyone, but I do highly suggest it because you are saving life. Adopting  a traumatized dog can have its difficulties but if you are willing to put in the effort and love of caring and rehabilitating a dog, it will be worth it.   <– – really good video  of the stigma of pit bulls

Dog abuse #1

Somewhere in the United States there is a dog being abused by someone or a group of people, a lot of people don’t know that. There is no reporting system for animal abuse, but local news channels reports record them and say that it they rings usually are put up anywhere private. The amount of cruelty cases reported on a everyday basis by the media is huge, but that is only the beginning. Most of these cases are not reported, so the animals just keep on suffering. Although animals are not as advanced as humans, they are still living, feeling beings, that’s why they should not be exposed to this kind of torture.

 pitbull fighting dog fighting ring The most common victim in animal cruelty cases are dogs, more common victim are pit bulls or any mix of that breed. Pit bulls especially have got it bad because they are the main target because of their physical attributes. People fight them against each other, some use them as bait to rile other dogs up and put them up against more bigger dogs.In these underground dog fighting rings they just breed these dogs up to fight and if they win they live another day to fight and when they lose they die. If by some chance the dog loses and is badly injured, the “owners” won’t care for them. They will just kill them off, so there would be no fuss. They also breed them way too much, a female dog should only have up to 3 litters of puppies, after that its bad for the mother’s health. All the fighting messes up the dogs, they become anti social and scared of everyone and when they are scared, they tend to defend themselves, which gives them a bad image, which is not their fault. I believe we should try to stop dog fighting rings, but there is no actual way of putting a stop to them because most of them are under the radar. The certain few that get caught are helping but there are so much more out there that we don’t know about. I really don’t think that we can stop this completely but if we impose harsher punishments to the offenders, I think that will send a message to the others. Which would help greatly, which maybe later on  there will be fewer and fewer fighting rings. Every dog counts


 In class we  read one of Dr. Kings letters, one that I haven’t read. The struggles Dr. King had to go trough were tough, he was a prominent role in the civil rights movement, he rose up and said what had to be said. He went to trough great ordeals which later on would lead to his assassination. When I heard his speech on  Tuesday, it resonated with me, the way he got his point across was amazing. He was a great orator, it was a shock when I heard he didn’t want to be the face of the civil rights movement. He didn’t even want to give his speech most of the time, but was later obligated to because of the turn out. When I was told he was an avid smoker and drinker and also an adulterer, I was shocked. It didn’t really distort my image  of him because of what he did for the movement. When we were asked if we had any heroes in class like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, nobody came to mind. I sat there for what I want to say was five minutes just thinking if there is any modern day heroes and I could not think of one. I cant believe there is no one out there trying to make a difference that is actually doing something and getting the public’s attention. For me, I don’t really have  heroes besides comic heroes like Will Ferrell and Eddie Murphy and George Carlin. They are just comedians that believe in that changed the face of comedy. So one of my goals is to find someone who I share similar values to and wants to reform something that I believe should change. So I could have a hero that is worth looking up to.MLK

Importance of college

In class we had a debate about technology in the classroom. It really made me see both sides of the issue about bringing technology in to the classroom. and the other topic was about how college is conforming to the students, the consumer.  I think that bringing education into the classroom is a good but to a certain extent. Most students would follow along but probably half way through get side tracked and go off on a tangent. The obvious solution would be to block certain websites, but its college the students are adults so we can’t tell them what to do. So that wouldn’t work, but I think the serious students would pay attention. I like that professors can post all their tests online so the students can do them whenever they want.  It really helped me to get ahead of my workload, and saved me all the stress of doing it in a week.

  The other topic that college is conforming to the students to become easier to the students because they are the ones paying the college and they just want to go in and get a degree. I would agree with that because I think college is a huge learning experience because you meet a ton load of people from all over. It’s a time to expand your mind and your ideals, to learn different ways of viewing the world. Your professors come from different places and they have lots of things they have learned from their education to pass on to us. They want us to take away something from their course something  that is important to you. I don’t think college should be just go in  get out kind of  system, it  should be a huge learning experience not just in the education part but from the a personal point of view. I have uncles that say they met their best friends  and wives from college. That’s why I think we shouldn’t rush trough  the college life, we should enjoy it, because to some people college was  a huge part of their life to get where they are