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Importance of college

In class we had a debate about technology in the classroom. It really made me see both sides of the issue about bringing technology in to the classroom. and the other topic was about how college is conforming to the students, the consumer.  I think that bringing education into the classroom is a good but to a certain extent. Most students would follow along but probably half way through get side tracked and go off on a tangent. The obvious solution would be to block certain websites, but its college the students are adults so we can’t tell them what to do. So that wouldn’t work, but I think the serious students would pay attention. I like that professors can post all their tests online so the students can do them whenever they want.  It really helped me to get ahead of my workload, and saved me all the stress of doing it in a week.

  The other topic that college is conforming to the students to become easier to the students because they are the ones paying the college and they just want to go in and get a degree. I would agree with that because I think college is a huge learning experience because you meet a ton load of people from all over. It’s a time to expand your mind and your ideals, to learn different ways of viewing the world. Your professors come from different places and they have lots of things they have learned from their education to pass on to us. They want us to take away something from their course something  that is important to you. I don’t think college should be just go in  get out kind of  system, it  should be a huge learning experience not just in the education part but from the a personal point of view. I have uncles that say they met their best friends  and wives from college. That’s why I think we shouldn’t rush trough  the college life, we should enjoy it, because to some people college was  a huge part of their life to get where they are


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