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Dog Abuse #5

VIckfight me vickvick_dog_t479

One of the most infamous cases of animal cruelty is the case of  Michael Vick who played for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. On April 25th, 2007 there was a search warrant on Vick’s cousin that was staying at one of his houses in Virginia, which they soon found signs of  dog fighting at a property Vick owned. When the investigations furthered, it attracted the media and soon after federal authorities  were brought in. While investigating, more information came to light about an interstate dog fighting rings that involved drugs and other illegal activities.When the media caught wind of the details of the torture and executions of the animals, animal rights activists like PETA and mostly everyone else were outraged. Vick and other law breakers of his were brought up on federal and state felony charges. During investigations, even more information came out and found that Vick was paying for  most of the fights and was involved in killing of dogs. Vick decided to do a plea bargain and admitted that he was involved in the fighting  and was involved in the hanging and drowning of the dogs. During trial, he was out on bail and when a random drug test happened, he failed it, he was positive for weed. he was sent back to the courts and the judge wanted to put Vick away. In the end Vick got little jail time for the heinous acts he committed against these creatures, and after that he was under house arrest.  I think Vick should  have gotten a harsher punishment. I think he should have got a year in jail for every dog he killed. I think the court should have made an example out of him, but they didn’t.  It shows that his money was the thing that saved him. It really shows how messed up the court system is when someone like Vick tortures and executes dogs only spent 2 years in prison, but if someone illegally downloads  media, they get five years.Maybe one the good things to come out if this is that he had huge public hate on him, everyone bashed him. A lot of celebrities called him out and also some clothing companies too, they made clothing bashing Vick. Later on, it came out that the dogs that were rescued from Vick, are already making a great comeback and are ready to be adopted. I hope to see these kind of crime punishments change in the future, I strongly urge everyone to be on the lookout for any signs of dog fighting rings or anything like that, to report it immediately. If we the people don’t take a stand on this,it will never get recognized  for how serious these crimes are. Dogs have feelings too, it shows how good dogs are because they can take a lot of abuse and still  forgive and forget and start over with a family that truly loves them.    <—– Michael Vick Case details


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